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Copyright © 2002-2017 Bison Wealth Management, LLC.

Bison Wealth Management, LLC.
5295 Mayfield Road, Suite 200
Lyndhurst, OH 44124
T: (440) 442-1818
E: dave@BISONLLC.com

Bison Wealth Management, LLC. is an independent, fee-based Registered Investment Advisor. We focus on helping clients prepare for a secure and comfortable financial future.  We strive to achieve this by offering objective and thoughtful advice that is specific to your financial situation.  Our process includes:

  • Advanced financial planning software to analyze your cash flows and net worth.

  • Bison 360, your secure interactive homepage to view all of your assets and liabilities in one convenient location and with daily balance updates.

  • Construction, implementation, and monitoring of customized investment portfolios tailored to your risk aversion and investment horizon.

  • Quarterly reports and meetings to keep you informed and to adjust for changes that may affect your taxes, investments, insurance and estate planning.  


We primarily construct diversified portfolios using well-known, income producing stocks that are selected through fundamental research and analysis.  We may use other low cost investment vehicles that include:

  • Stocks

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • U.S. Treasury Bonds and Government Agency

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Municipal Bonds

  • CDs

  • Options

  • Life Insurance